воскресенье, 22 августа 2010 г.

Līvi - Koncerts Slampe (1986)

Rare live recording from latvian hard rock band #1. There's some pretty rare songs playing here, and biggest surprise what the song cycle "Kurzemei - Saules Cels" have one more part than it's studio version!

01. Dziesmu Cikls Kurzemei - Saules Cels
02. Rozu Laukums
03. Apturesim Autobusu
04. Metala Sirds
05. Parak Maz
06. Meitenes Dziesma
07. Zinge Slaistam
08. Uz Lietiem
09. Popurijs
10. Dzimta Valoda


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  1. ...and the singer begs the public to sit down between songs, otherwise they will stop playing!
    What a time that was. Hope nothing like that ever returns...

    Thanks for this.