воскресенье, 3 января 2010 г.

Līvi - Koncerts LLU (1983)

This is soundboard recording of their concert in Latvian University, but seems that not from first generation tape, anyway sound quality is very good. The band plays a lot of tracks that never were recorded, 2 sinthesizer players are in their line up this tour.The band plays various styles (from pop rock –to hard rock, and even 13-minute long prog rock epic „Veltījums Liepājai”, which is one of their best songs, but rarely played and never recorded)

01. Veju Muzikants
02. Veltijums Liepajai
03. Rokas
04. Laika Dziesmina
05. Saulgriezu Rits
06. Saldus Saule
07. Mazais Sapnitis
08. Ka Gribas Dzivi Apgaismotu
09. Uz Lietiem
10. 15 Putni (Lai vainaga)
11. Iedomu Pilseta
12. Gribu Lai Mani Sabrauc
13. Liviska Zinge
14. Sniega Velns
15. Enas Tverejs
16. Si Zeme


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